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Graves Advisory Council

The Graves Advisory Council is a grassroots organization comprised of supporters of Congressman Tom Graves that believe in the philosophy of less government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and liberty and justice for all.

Tom created the Graves Advisory Council to engage grassroots supporters because he knows the best ideas come from those that he represents, not Washington, D.C. 

The Graves Advisory Council holds quarterly meetings and are important because Tom updates you on what is happening in Congress.  At the same time, these meetings allow you an opportunity to voice your ideas and provide input on the issues important to Georgia. 

Meetings are free to members, and we encourage you to recruit family, friends, and neighbors to join you. The Graves Advisory Council meetings begin with a social hour, then an informal discussion with congressional updates, followed by an extensive question and answer session. Families are always welcome.

In addition to our meetings, Graves Advisory Council members will receive updates and notices regarding upcoming exclusive events or important information straight from Tom in Washington, D.C.

If you are wanting to be part of the solutions that change Washington and make it work for the American people, then join the Graves Advisory Council today.

To get involved, please sign up by using the form below.

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